My Focus
Yesterday’s Weather
Focused & Defocused Icons
No, or at least they are not enough. For two reasons:
- Numbers are rather abstract when used to provide weather information for practical living advices.
- Weather, in terms of feeling and response (e.g. what to wear, bringing umbrella or not), is not just
   about numbers and weather type.

Thus, I designed two featuer to help people better understand the weather and decide their response:
Help User build empathy of numbers through
past experience

“If yesterday is 23°c and I wore that, I should wear this for today.” - By using some space recalling the weather of yesterday, the answer helps users to convert abstract numbers to tangible memories, feelings, and empathy., and eventually better understand what the answer.
As different weathers have different levels of impacts on our life, the icons are designed in a way that some are more eye-catching while others not. Therefore, user will quickly find and get informed by those will greatly affect the life - you have to bring an umbrella when it’s rainy, while a cloudy day might just make you unhappy.
We never use phones to search weather for complicated comparison or analyze. All we want to know is how we should wear or prepare for the following few days at a glance.
Status Quo*
Wrong Priority
Replicated Info
Screen Count
Block Categorization (Bing China)
Music Collection
Link to Music Site
Link to Wiki
Link to Music Site
Link to Music Site
Wrong Priority
Replicated Info
Pasty Info
Important information and links are not placed at eye-catching positions, but at the second or even third screen instead. The questions is how to analyze the content priority based on who the celebrity is?
Content preview is undoubtedly helpful. However, different linked pages (e.g. multiple wiki pages) contain content overlapping each other greatly and waste lots of screen resources.
The information in the highlight block is not well organized with priority and relativity, making people confused. How could the redesigned block convey useful info to different groups of people effectively?
Current Interface (Bing)
Current Interface (Bing China)
Bing Highlight
Block Categorization (Bing)
Name / Occupation
External Links (Wiki, Social Media)
Basic Info
Latest Work
Music Markets
Relationships and Connections
Link to Social Media
Link to Wiki
Pasty Info
* The interface I’m getting from Bing China is not specialized for entertainment celebrities. Therefore, I
   referred to both Bing and Bing China results for the current solution for this specific searching scenario.
What are Entertainment Celebrities?
While it’s never a good practice to “categorize” them, it’s commonly acknowledged in Chinese society that two types to celebrities are now active in the entertainment market: celebrities with talents, and celebrities with traffic.
Be famous for the talents in music, acting, etc.
People search and intend to know more about their works than recent updates.
People search and intend to know more about entertaining news than facts and works.
Works: music, film, drama, TV series, etc.
Works: reality show, music, TV series, etc.
News: updates, travel, scandal, rumor, etc.
Personal Accounts (Weibo, etc.)
Personal Accounts (Weibo, etc.)
Wiki / Pictures / Videos
Basic information
Basic information
Other links
Wiki / Pictures / Videos
News: new works, updates, awards, etc.
Have a huge fandom and traffic
Main Interests
Minor Interests
Redesign Bing China Celebrity Search Experience
Microsoft UX Design Intern Assignment
Searching for entertainment celebrities’ trending news is the general search activity on mobile. Please help to redesign the UX when users search for top celeb events/news on Bing mobile.
Peiling Jiang

Completed in 10 hours
Wait… Are those kids still using search engine?!
Yes! While on the other hand, the growth of mobile app and ubiquitous access of information do de-emphasize search engines. However, as the most basic and generalized entrance of internet, we can still find ways to embrace those potential competitors by providing preview from their sources. For fan users, this feature creates a gathering of entries, while for olds or passersby who initially missed information from those websites, it acts as a connector and breaks the barriers of media.
Familiar with or even keen on the celeb
Search to know…
Latest works in heat
Recent updates
News and Status changes
Expect to see recent, detailed, and
news-oriented results
Who are searching entertainment celebrities?
People’s interests and level of knowledge of celebrities may vary a lot. However, we can still see a clear division between those who know little, and fans or professionals (columnists, etc.) who have already been familiar with most of the searching results.
Most significant works
Key facts
Basic info
Know little or nothing about the celeb
Search to know...
Expect to overview basic and
fact-oriented results
Kun is coming to Shanghai! But when…?
Who is this Cai Xu Kun?
Insight #2
Majority of users can be divided into two groups based on their knowledge of the celebrity. Fan users expect to see news and updates while others intend to get a whole picture with key facts.
Insight #3
While people tend to use apps and function-specified websites more and search engines less, by embracing those competitors and providing previews of entries, we can still make it the most efficient way of getting various information.
Key Design Points
Important Disclaimer
- Different categorization will NOT be explicitly disclosed, but reflected by the ordering implicitly instead.
- The categorization will
NOT be performed by human, but algorithms instead. E.g. search of the celeb’s news being 10 times the works
   implies the celeb is more likely to be a traffic-er instead of a talent.
According to the insights and analyzation, the searching results should be optimized for different types of celebrities as well as diverse groups of searchers. I proposed three key design features for the interface as the response to these thress insights: Interchangeable result ordering, Splited view pathways, and Packed Source Preview.
Prioritize recent works, links to music/video sites, and collections.
News & Updates Pathway
News, Recent Works, Updates, and Social Media info are vertically placed for users to scroll and view, followed by other external links which would also be more about recent and up-to-date information.
Facts Pathway
Facts, Basic Info, Collection of Past (Most Significant) Works, Awards, etc. are horizontally places inside Bing highlighted result block for people who know little about the celebrity to explore and learn.
Customized sources (based on relevance and heat) for each celebrity can be previewed here with 2-3 most recent, heat, or important information. Layouts for each preview may vary depends on particular use cases and needs.
Prioritize news and updates, as well as connections and social media.
Info tags
Accounts / Links
Info tags
Recent Works
Recent Works
News / Updates
Interchangeable Result Ordering
Splited View Pathways
Packed Source Preview
Various Celebs
Various Searchers
Specific layouts of different sources could be specially designed.
With features like Academic search, Bing are now targeting a group that cares about professional and useful info more.
As a search engine, Bing should let the content play the main role and make itself as simple and concise as possible.
Placing the most relevant, interested and demand results at the most eye-catching places, with clear navigation bars and tags.
More eye-catching tags
indicating Facts Pathway
Prioritized Recent Works
Prioritized News and
Packed Source Preview
Horizontally placed Facts Pathway
Information such as date of birth and height seems basic, relevant and important, so people now place them under the first tag of the highlight block. However, do we really need to know how high the celeb is every time we search them? NO! Thus, it’s a more logical way to fold those info into Facts Pathway.
Insight #1
People are more interested in works of celebrities with talents while attempt to know more about updates of those with fandom and traffic.
Redesign Bing China Mobile Weather Search Experience
Microsoft UX Design Intern Assignment
Searching for weather is also common on mobile phones. Please redesign the weather answer to make sure it works well on mobile phone.
Peiling Jiang

Completed in 3 hours
Compared to the current version, the info provided here is more concerned by general user. For the future steps, explicit advices such as what kind of cloth to wear can also be displayed here.
Key times on timeline are changed to those more correlated to our real daily life.
Help track the detailed temp change of today instead of the following days which are less concerned when user search weather now on the phone.
Shows the weather of the coming week. Also use visualization methods to make numbers less abstract.
Chinese people don’t use °F at all. Therefore, there’s no need to leave the switch out there at an important position.
Yesterday’s Weather
Next Week
Useful Info
Including °C/°F Switch and Source
Today’s Temp  Line Chart
Following Week’s Weather
Do numbers really make sense to the majority of us?
Thank you.